Fatima Haddad | Baya Mahieddine (1931-1998)

Baya Mahieddine (Arabic: باية محي الدين‎) or Fatima Haddad (Arabic: فاطمة حداد‎, born in Bordj El Kiffan on December 12, 1931; died November 9, 1998) was an Algerian artist.

While she did not self-identify as belonging to a particular art genre, critics have classified her paintings as being surrealist, primitive, naïve, and modern.
Her works are mainly paintings, though she did pottery as well, all completely self-taught.

At the age of sixteen Baya had her first exhibition, in Paris, where she gained notice from renowned artists. Her work was presented in various exhibitions in #France and #Algeria, and has appeared on Algerian postage stamps.

She did not paint from 1953 to 1963, which coincides with the #AlgerianWar. During these years she gave birth and was mothering six children. In 1963 she resumed painting, exhibiting both new and old work in Algiers and in Paris, until her death on November 9, 1998 (age 66)

All artwork’s photos © Galerie Maeght, Paris. Courtesy of Grey Art Gallery.

Let’s read it gain: Artist Baya Mahieddine, The Algerian Teenager Who Painted a World of Liberated Women in 1940s Paris, by Alexxa Gotthardt, Feb 5, 2018

Baya Mahieddine (née Fatma Haddad) (Algerian, 1931 – 1998), Untitled, 1973
watercolour, gouache and ink on paper
100 x 150 cm. (39.25 x 59 in.)
Baya Mahieddine (née Fatma Haddad) (Algerian, 1931 – 1998), Untitled, 1991
watercolour, acrylic and gouache and pencil on paper, 103 x 150 cm. (40.5 x 59 in.)
source: The wondrous world of Baya https://opecfund.org/news/the-wondrous-world-of-baya

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